A list of building code seminars offered by Bukair Engineers are indicated below.  For scheduled seminar see Upcoming Events:  Individual sessions, 6-Session packages


Tailored seminars can be catered, in Abu Dhabi & Dubai, for groups (consultancy firms; government entities and developers) at their premises.  Please send an enquiry here.

1. Administrative provisions + Executive Regulations


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Engineering and Architectural

students are eligible for 

  50% discount on 

Building Code Seminar packages

Workshops / Seminars: Upcoming | List 

Building Code Seminars:


Scope & Administration


Use & Occupancy Classification


Special Detailed Requirements

Based On Use & Occupancy


General Building Heights & Areas


Types of Construction


Fire & Smoke Protection Features


Interior Finishes


Fire Protection Systems


Means of Egress




Interior Environment


Exterior Walls


Roof Assemblies & Rooftop Structures


Structural Tests & Special Inspections


Glass & Glazing


Plastics in Buildings


Elevators & Conveying System


Special Construction


Encroachments into the Public



Safeguards during Construction


Existing Structures








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