Bukair Engineers (BE) provides quality services to support clients in the United Arab Emirates to meet the growing needs and challenges of safety, quality and integrity in the construction industry. With the adoption and implementation of the Abu Dhabi International Building Code (ADIBC) in Abu Dhabi Emirate, a new sets of requirements and methods are introduced. These requirements are now mandatory for all public projects in Abu Dhabi Emirate and soon will become binding to all other projects. Hence, construction industry professionals must adapt to the new codes.


Bukair Engineers with its highly qualified personnel and associates offers a wide range of consulting services to assist consultants, contractors, developers, municipalities and other government entities during the design, plans review and construction of projects. Our services are focused in ensuring that all aspect of the building project adheres to the requirements of the ADIBC thus producing quality buildings that are safe, durable and environmentally friendly


To assist in the implementation of the ADIBC, Bukair Engineers also provides building code seminar series. The code topics are segmented into 2-3 hour seminars offered weekly on a continuous basis. Construction professionals can capitalize on the seminar series to become well-versed with the ADIBC.


Members of Bukair Engineers along with their associates from the USA played major role in the development of the ADIBC. 

Our Mission 

Our mission is to provide our clients with innovative and practical solutions to design, review and construct safer buildings and healthier communities.  This is achieved through the full compliance to the Abu Dhabi International Building Codes.

Emphasizing quality services and client satisfaction, we will provide design and construction solutions that would fully meet the provisions of the adopted codes. These services will be provided by our local code experts in cooperation with our global associates.

Our Values

We value quality; client satisfaction; safer buildings; healthier environment; and maintaining an outstanding reputation in the construction industry.

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Engineering and Architectural

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Building Code Seminar packages

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Building Code Seminars:


Scope & Administration


Use & Occupancy Classification


Special Detailed Requirements

Based On Use & Occupancy


General Building Heights & Areas


Types of Construction


Fire & Smoke Protection Features


Interior Finishes


Fire Protection Systems


Means of Egress




Interior Environment


Exterior Walls


Roof Assemblies & Rooftop Structures


Structural Tests & Special Inspections


Glass & Glazing


Plastics in Buildings


Elevators & Conveying System


Special Construction


Encroachments into the Public



Safeguards during Construction


Existing Structures








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